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Traveling & Perm. Stage pattern

Stage pattern created by Puppet Pals, Puppet Revelation.
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Provided to you with their permission at Puppetville.

Traveling & Perm. Stage pattern Permanent stage is the same accept for the T bar in the front.
 You will not need that as you do not need to disassemble the front poles to fit in a travel bag. Make sure the front poles are the full length.

 If you are on a budget or you have people who are handy in constructing things and want to save money this is a great little stage to make for mission trips or for traveling performances. All the parts should be able to fit in a 50" inch long Duffle bag. I will give a easy way to make pattern for that. See Diagram. There will also be directions for measurements you will need for your curtains and the fabric you will need. Below is a frame pattern for the stage along with the materials you will need to build it. This is a neutral stage measuring medium performers.

 Altering Measurements If you have a group of tall players or little ones you may want to get your team together . Have them kneel or sit (even on chairs if you wish). Find out what body position they use when they perform on a lower level Would or do they want to sit Indian style? kneel? Sit on bended knees? or want to sit in chairs? do they fit into the 46 inch high first level comfortably?

 Take a measuring tape and measure your team in these positions. The warm colors on the design (red & Yellow) are for the vertical lengths. The red is the first level measurement. Will the height of the red pieces make your stage tall enough for you? Or Is it too tall for your kids? If so add or subtract the needed inches. Make sure if it is not long enough that they do not exceed 55" tall. You will also have to make your duffle bag longer. WARNING if you add length will your Airline accept it without extra charge? Check to find out.
 **Also you will need to add what ever inches you added to the red to the length of the 2 side panels of fabric. Instead of 2 yards for each panel it will need to be 2 yards plus whatever inches you added to height.
 This theater is designed to fit in a bag that could be taken by Plane for missions. Bear in mind if you make it longer you may not be able to take it. Also the prop bar will need to be made in 3 pieces instead of two if you have a 46" limit for the plane and want to take it abroad.
Below is you list of materials and your frame instructions:  Link below will take you to where you can find Joint pieces.

((***The plastic joints can now be found at http://www.plumbingstore.com/pvc.html under the pipe fittings section under furniture section)) 

***Here is a second source: http://www.littlegreenhouse.com/accessory/pvc.shtml this source seems to be a little cheaper. 

You will need:
11 ten foot long pieces of 1 1/2 inch thick PVC (***see pictures of joints And you can order these joints at a cheap price at US PLASTICS)
2 - L joints***
6 - T joints*** (only 4 are needed for permanent stage)
2 - Cross joints***
8 - V joints*** (Also named smooth 3 way) Find This hard to find joint at US PLASTICS 3 - Straight coupler joints (for travel stage only)
4 - different colored rolls of electric tape ( sometimes they have multicolor packs for sale) one color for each size.
1 - small can of spray paint that matches or closely matches the color of your curtain (darker is better than lighter) if you can't get exact match.
2 - Ten foot long piece of "pine batt" that is 3/4 thick & 1 3/4 inches wide or something similar (ask your hardware person) this is for your prop holder.
4 - large screw hooks. (Make sure they will hook around the 1 1/2 inch thick PVC) you don't want it too sloppy or too tight.
4 - 2 inch long screw in bolts with wing nuts and washers

Your PVC Cuts and your Frame:

With a pencil measure & mark off each cut line for each 10 foot long PVC. Use a fine tooth saw to cut.
1) You will mark 5-10 foot pieces 42" + 42" + 36" cut those and tape them. 36" one color 42" another. Put tape closer to middle and don't Make it real thick.
2) Mark 3-10 foot pieces 46" + 46"+ 20" there will be some left over that can be thrown out. Cut and mark with color coded tape.
3) Mark 1 - 10 foot piece 36"+36"+ 36" . Cut and throw out left over. Mark with color coded tape. 4) Mark 1 - 10 foot piece 36"+ 36"+ 46". Cut and throw out left over. Mark with color coded tape. 5) Mark 1 - 10 foot piece 20" + 20" + 20". Cut and put left over piece aside for other project.
 Color code pieces with tape. You now have all the pieces cut.
Take all your corner v joints and spray paint them the matching color of your fabric. If you don't have the fabric yet don't paint them till you do. You want the fabric color to blend.
You can assemble them by starting with the ground pieces and working your way up. You'll make the square with your joint pieces pointing up for the vertical pieces to go in and just follow the diagram. If any pieces are fitting loose in the joint you can always put some tape on the end of PVC to make a tighter fix and allow you to take the pieces apart. Don't use glue! that is for permanent stages not traveling ones. You have now completed your frame!
Once you have assembled your frame you will want to measure and cut your prop bars. Measure the inside of your front lower level and then your front upper level.
Cut the 10 foot piece of trim in half. 5 foot each. bring two ends in against each other and slide them down till you make one piece that measures the length of your inside front length of each Level. Mark these ends against each other. These tow pieces will be screwed together were they double to make it one long piece that runs along the inner front of both levels. On Each end (1 1/4 top side) you will screw in a hook screw. You can then hang your prop bars.
 See Diagram. Making the curtains for your stage and Material needed. See diagram.

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