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Hobie Fords Peeper Puppets

Peepers Puppets are what you might call finger puppets. They're little toys that fit on your fingers, transforming your hand into a source of hilarious fun! Entertain children, tell stories, the only limit is your imagination

The North Carolina puppeteer was issued a design patent in 1996 for Finger Puppets, the bulging eyes-on-ring device that turns a bare hand into a creature.

Hobie Ford patented these in 1996 his digrams are below. He is not connected to Oobi Show, but if you are looking for the eyes here they are.
These are made of a flexible material and fit both childern and adult hands. Dress these up with hats or feathers create your very own character. They are great for traveling with small childern, providing hours of entertainment possibilities.

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