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Lead Free Toys

Lead Free Toys, consider puppets. 

How safe are our puppets?
Puppets are made for Plush fabric and most have fiber polyester filling. Others are plush and have foam interiors.
Marionettes are made of yarn, or plush stuffed with polyester filling or made of wood.
Paint on marionettes are not lead based.
(We would not recommend allowing anyone to chew on them but not lead based. Most paint is not ment to be eaten.)
Puppet theatres, Guidecraft puppet theatres, the table top puppet theatre and the floor model now safe to order

Gund, Folkmanis, Sunny Puppets, Silly Puppets these wonderful manufacturers,
 have very strick guidelines and inspect all their shipments.

I hope you have found this information helpful please feel free to ask questions. 
We are here to help you find the right puppet for your needs. 

Puppets, Hand or Finger style are the best to start with they are the easiest to manipulate for the beginner.
 As a puppeteer becomes more coridinated we suggest the rod arm puppets these can be made to look very life like and are great for larger audiences.



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