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Why do puppets work so well? One of the reasons is because they are so multi-sensory. It doesn't matter if kids are very small or very tall, you can reach them with puppets.

Puppet Resource Center
Welcome to our Free Puppet Resource Center. Bookmark this page if you are interested in learning about puppets, writing puppet plays or in puppet manipulation.

Legends & Lore is dedicated to sharing puppet tips, tricks and stories. We welcome any stories or facts you feel worth sharing with other visitors. Please submit your puppet news
 My Puppet Tales. Thank you, we look forward to chatting with you. Enjoy!

Click on any or all of the links below and Let the Fun Begin.

Make a Sack Puppet Learn how to make quick and simple sack puppets. These puppets are great for quicky plays...Or if you find yourself in need of some extra puppet bodies.
Make a Sock Puppet We love sock puppets! They are wonderful. Learn the basics here, then go WILD!
Writing Puppet Plays Writing plays for puppets is not hard, just keep the 4-W's in mind. Learn how here.
Making Puppets Come Alive Learn how to make even the most skeptical audience member believe in your puppets.
Puppets Teach Math Use puppets to teach the metric system and lots more.
Puppets Teach English Have you ever wondered what an adverb would say if it could talk?
Puppets Teach History History may never be the same.
Puppets Scripts An ever growing collection of original puppet scripts.

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Make Sock Puppets
Make Sack Puppets


Puppet Scripts
Teach History
Teach Math
Teach English
Puppets? YIKES!!
Three Billy Goats
Three Little Pigs
Iktomi & the Kettles
The School Bus Blues


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Paint Recipes
Clay Recipes
Bubble Recipes
Chalk Recipes
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