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 Billy Goats Gruff

The script instructions in the parenthesis () are just to tell the puppets what to do, you do not say these words out loud. The patterns for the puppets are on the Goats Gruff Pattern Page You will need to build a bridge out of posterboard and color it.

Narrator:     Once there were three goats who lived on a hillside. They were sad and very, very, very hungry.

All Three Goats:      (Pop up together) We are sooooo sad and hungry! (exit together)

Narrator:     They were sad and hungry because they had eaten all the grass on the side of the hill. But on the other side of the hill, across the bridge, there was lots and lots and lots of grass to eat.

All Three Goats:     (Pop up together) We should go over there. Over to the other side of the hill.

Big Goat:     We should but what about that big, ugly troll that lives under the bridge? He has a big, slurpy appetite and he loves (shudders) goat meat!

Middle Goat:     Maybe he is gone. Maybe he is visiting his mother.

Little Goat:     Yeah! He's visiting his mother, let's go across the bridge.

Big Goat:     (Looks at the Little Goat) Tell you what, you go across the bridge first.

Little Goat:     Me? Why me?

Big Goat:     Because you are soooo skinny and soooo puny...(Looks Little Goat up and down) Just look at you little brother...Woooweee, you are wasting away. If you don't get to the other side of the hill first, there's no telling what will happen to you. (Turns away) I just don't want to think about it.

Little Goat:     You're right Big Goat. I will go first. And when I get all that tall, green, sweet grass...I'll be thinking only of you two.....As I eat, and eat and eat. Goodbye. (Walks toward the bridge. Middle and Big Goat exit)

Troll:     (If you have a can or a castinette, make sounds of the Little Goat's hoofs as he moves toward the bridge. When the Little Goat gets to the bridge, the Troll jumps up, mean and angry) WHO GOES ACROSS MY BRIDGE?

Little Goat:     (Trembling, scared little voice) It is I, the Littlest Billy Goat Gruff.

Troll:     I SHALL EAT YOU! (Starts toward the Little Billy Goat)

Little Goat:     No! No! Don't eat me! I am skinny and scrawny and really do not taste good at all. Please, wait for my big sister. She is tasty and juicy. She will be coming in just a minute. Please wait for her.

Troll:     (Looks Little Goat over) You're right! You are hardly an appetizer. I would much rather have a juicy, tasty goat. You may go. (Exits)

Little Goat:     Thank you! Thank you! (Runs across the bridge and exits)

Narrator:     Soon the Middle Billy Goat decided she should go across the bridge.

Middle Goat:     It must be alright. Look over there. My little brother is eating and eating and eating. I better get over there before he eats all the sweet grass. (Starts across the bridge. Use hoof sound effects)

Troll:     (Pops up) WHO GOES ACROSS MY BRIDGE?

Middle Goat:     (Shaking) It is I the Middle Billy Goat.


Middle Goat:     Oh don't eat me. I am just the Middle Billy Goat. Wait for my big brother. He is much, much, much bigger than I am. Think about it. Do you want to settle for second best? Of course not. Wait for my big, huge, tender brother. Pleeeeeeeese!!!

Troll:     He's bigger than you? (Middle Goat nods) Hummmmm. Then I shall wait for him. You're right, I deserve the very best. You may go. (Both exits)

Big Goat:     (Enters, looks across the bridge) Well, look at that! Both my brother and sister are having a great time eating grass over there. The silly Troll must be visiting his mother after all. I think I will trot along and join them.

Troll:     (Pops up) WHO GOES ON MY BRIDGE?

Big Goat:     (In a loud voice) It is I, the Big Billy Goat.


Big Goat:     Oh, I don't think so! (Lowers his head) One! Two! Three! (He charges and hits the Troll in the stomach and knocks the wind out of the Troll)

Troll:     (With a anguished gasp) Opppppph!

Big Goat:     (The Big Billy Goat hits him again and sends him flying off the stage) No one gets my goat! Now it is time for me to join my family and have some supper. (The Three Billy Goats unite and bow. The Troll roars on the stage. All the Goats scatter and the Troll bows)

The End

Materials for The Three Billy Goats Gruff:

Magic Markers
Glue Posterboard or other light cardboard

Here is a set of finger puppets for the Three Goats and the Troll. Print the puppets and glue them to a sheet of posterboard. Cut them out and color them or decorate them with fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, buttons, and other things to make them look like goats. Be sure you cut out the holes for each puppet. Put your fingers through the holes so that your puppets can walk. Or check out the Puppet store on this web page for mouth puppets of some great goats.



Print the pattern and glue it to a sheet of poster board. When dry, cut the shape out. Color or decorate the Goat with fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, buttons and other things that make them look good. Be sure you cut out the holes. Put your fingers through the holes so your puppet can walk.

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