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Special Hints for the Three Little Pigs

Higgle needs to develop a bit of a dance. Practice this.
When Hugo pops up, make it a clear, clean entrance from the stage floor.
When either Higgle or Niggle goes into his house have him walk behind the house so he is totally concealed from the audience, then have him exit straight down stage. The same is true when both pigs go into Higgle's house--first Higgle, then Niggle. Practice clean, neat exits.
Be sure the houses are big enough to cover the pigs when they exit.
When Hugo Wolf is preparing to blow down the houses the pigs should be behind the houses, hidden from the audience. When the houses go down, the pigs are left standing dumbly on stage. When Higgle's house gets blown down Niggle should be right behind Higgle.
The chase scene between Higgle, Niggle and Hugo can be very funny if you practice, practice, practice.
When Higgle and Niggle follow Walter into the house, remember that Higgle and Niggle are hysterical and Walter is very cool. Use their characters to make your puppetry funny.
When Hugo is climbing the house to get to the chimney he should disappear off stage, then climb the house from behind. He should not be visible to the audience while he is climbing. Be sure he pops on the roof ready to deliver his line.
When all four characters come out of the house, one will have to come up behind the house and enter, then the next one comes up behind the house and enters, etc. This should be done so the audience does not see the characters before their entrances.

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