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String Puppets

Puppetville has a large variety of Marionettes are the same as string puppets.

We carry yarn animals, cats, dogs, elephants, birds, raccoons, wolfs, monkeys, tigers, pandas, white tigers, and lions.

Check out the Czechmarionettes. Doctor, Wizard, Witch, and Pinocchio individually hand crafted.

Wooden string puppets in assorted characters. Clowns, Jesters, Ethnic Characters (Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Swiss, Scottish, Black, these varieties change without notice.)

People marionettes these puppets are made of fabric. Wide variety of childern, and adults puppets. Animals, animals and more animals, made of fabric large and small sizes. You name it we have camels, goats, dogs, cats, safari animals, domestic animals, unicorns, dragons.

Cat Marionette

121 - Cat Marionette

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