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 Hi Donna,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know the puppet arrived just fine and he
is such a big hit at our house!! He was for my oldest son and now little
brother wants one for Christmas!! Thanks again for your help - you will
probably be hearing from us again soon!!

Thank you,
Carolyn 10/10/12


I love my order!!!

Exactly what I wanted!!!


Thank you. This is the easiest ordering process I have ever experienced. Vicky 10/24/2011

We just received the puppets and they are great.  Thank you. Sheila 11/16/2011


Marionettes arrived in perfect condition and they are a kick.  Thank you so much.  One is with the young bass trombonist in a local HS Band who is making a 3/16 " plywood marionette with another student painting it.  She needed an example to see the operation (strings/cross).  The performance of Arban's Carnival of Venice for trumpet and band takes place 11/22 at noon in the school cafeteria.  I'm looking forward to the students response to the visual of the marionette during the piece. In the meantime, I'm beginning the search for a simple script for my 5 grand kids, ages 3 - 14 to put on a show when they are all visiting from around the country Thanksgiving weekend.  Those shows are always an exercise in patience but lots of fun and learning for the kids.  As soon as I know the script, I'll make a cardboard stage (drop) to enhance. Thanks for your help and for making this possible. Fred 11/6/2011

Just to let you know I received today the finger puppets. They are very nice. Thank you. Best regards and a very happy new year!  Osires de Melo 12/27/2011

Thank you Donna!  The little polar bear is sooo cute!  When you have the larger sized one in stock again, please let us know , because we'd like to order it as well. Thank you      Cherie 1/12/2012

Great Puppets my students love each one during story time. Thanks for offering such great puppets at great prices. Linda 1/2/2012

My autistic son LOVED  your puppets we got him for his birthday.. We plan on buying more !! Great product, gr8 price .. THANK YOU =) Jeff 1/16/2012

I received the puppet yesterday.  He's Greaaattttt!  I love it.  Again, thanks so very much!!  I hope to purchase more puppets in the future and, if so, they will be from Puppetville!
Sheryl June 2011

I got my monkeys in time!  Thank you so much. 
And my chicken puppet is my new favorite thing!

Thank you for the absolutely beautiful puppets, sent so quickly!  I will be giving them to my nieces today for birthday gifts.  They have been wanting puppets. 
Thanks again for the terrific service and product!
Susan R (11/01/2010)

Thanks so much. The package arrived in time and my daughter's friend was beside herself when she opened it. So glad we found your shop. Best of luck and thanks again!
Cynthia M (8/15/2010)

Y'all are awesome - thank you for the great customer service!
Kathy M (8/10/2010)
Thank you so much. We love the puppets and can't wait to get started with our Puppet Ministry. Thanks so much for making the worm puppet. It's really cute and will work for what I need.
God Bless,
Cindy P

You're a star!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for the time and effort on this. The 'cow' arrived through the post the morning (Saturday) we had packed our car and were waiting for the team to come to travel together. He performed well and was loved by all.
These puppets I received today are great and my little brother will love them for his birthday.thank you so much.
I will be ordering more in the near furture.
sincerely,stephen ,minneapolis,mn
Donna, the ferret arrived Wednesday the 17th in Paris!!!!  Maya loves it and I even got some lovely pictures of her and MS Ferret. Anne sends her thanks for your second attempt. Thank you too. Ken P
Hi Puppetville--the ethnic 'army puppet'arrived today.Thank you very much!   James D ,England
Thank you so much for your prompt shipment.  It arrived on Saturday for our Sunday dress rehearsal and was the hit of our show!!
I wanted to thank your company for the extemely fast response and delivery of two marionettes I ordered Monday. They arrived in the mail yesterday and are exactly what my daughter asked Santa for at the last second. Again, thank you for the quick response. 
Merry Christmas,
John K
Dear Donna,
I cannot tell you how much your email and phone call meant... you have a very well run business to be so conscientious about your customers needs. 
I am so used to ordering online and having things shipped right away, that I didn't realize that might not be the case here.  I apologize for not giving you more warning about our needs.  If they do not arrive in time, I am sure she will enjoy just playing with them.  If they do, I know it will be thanks to you, so let me tell you in advance how much I appreciate your help.
Warm regards,
LeeAnn C
Thank you so much for the wizards. They are going in my daughter's loot bags. They will be a hit!!!
My marionette is perfect.  I have a 3 year old Godson (we call him Jay-Bob) who spends just about every weekend with me and my husband.  At night I sing him to sleep with “Hush Little Baby”, only I sing “Hush Little Jay-Bob”.  When I sing Mammy’s (that is what he calls me) gonna buy you a mocking bird, he thinks I am saying “walking bird”, so that is why I was soooo desperate to find him a “walking bird”!  You all have helped me make our (Mammy, Pappy and Jay-Bob) Christmas the best so far!  I can’t wait until he sees his walking bird!
Wanted to let you know the package from Puppetville was received today and though I am not allowed to see it (it is a Christmas gift from my wife) she states "It is perfect." 
Thanks for the rapid shipping and a GREAT puppet! (Can't wait to see her) 
G Collins
Thanks again and I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas!  Kimberly B
 I received the Lamb chop puppet yesterday and it is adorable!!!  Thanks very much I'm sure my granddaughter will love it!
J Figueroa
I received the package. Thanks so much for being so prompt. My plan was to use them for Halloween...good job!!
   P Price
Thank you so much.  My other daughter is still loving the puppets she ordered.  We would definitely do business with you again. Jennifer
 Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and that my order was received today, in plenty of time for this weekend's party! Have a great day!
Sincerely, Kelly B
Donna, I rec'd my order and I must say, I love the puppets. Thank for taking the order over the phone. I will be making more orders from puppetville.
Thanks again, Tina H
 I just recieved the awsome purple monster puppet I order from you just a few days ago.
Your fast service and wonderful merchandise is very much appreciated. I wish you could see my son's face when he opens his new friend on Christmas morning.
It was so nice to have a friendly voice answer the phone when i called the other day it is so rare these days to even get a person forget a friendly and helpful person such as your self.
I just wanted to know how much your service meant to my family and i.
Happy Holidays
Ann C
Just a note of thanks for sending my order so quickly! The puppets are adorable, just what I wanted.A special thanks to Donna for her cheerful, helpful and generous assistance.  Barbara B
I received my order today - a bunch of the Sesame Street finger puppets. My twins are crazy about these little things, which I find fascinating because they have not ever seen TV yet!  Julie Z


Thank you so much.  C.R.

hi friends!  


Hi again! What quick service!!! I received the puppets I ordered Monday morning, And I have to say that you made my week! They are beautiful and finely crafted. I can't believe how wonderful your products are - I'm a very happy customer. Will come back! Katherine

I received the puppets in the mail today, in plenty of time to come back to London with me, where they will have a short lived stay, and they will then be posted to live what I'm sure will be a very happy life with my niece in central Australia.  Thank you for your help, they really are quite beautiful. 
Hi Donna,
Just a quick note to let you know that your parcel arrived today.
My husband and I are so impressed with the quality of your product.
We are sure our little girl will love them.
Thank you so much once again for your excellentcustomer service.
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
Sally just a quick note to let you know that "esmeralda"  arrived today!  she's purrfect--& arrived here in perfect time for my little friend's birthday! 


thanks so much! 

Thank you - your puppet arrived in good time, and I am very pleased with it.  It will make its debut at a Holiday Club for children at the end of the month.

Hi Donna,
Just a quick note to let you know the first six puppets arrived safely.
Teddy has already made his debut at kids story time and was a big hit.We are looking forward to using the other puppets.
I am very pleased with all the puppets and hope to place more orders with you in the future.
Thank you for everything
Denise J.

I just wanted to say "thank you very, very much" for sending the puppets and being so accommodating.  You truly made our niece's birthday party a success.  She had the "whole family" there, as you were able to get the remaining puppets shipped to us before July 6th Thank you again - I can't wait to order more and tell everyone how wonderful you are! Colleen L.

The marionettes are charming! The pictures on the website don't do them justice. Thank you so much!Best wishes, Sandra

The puppets are fabulous.  They were so reasonably priced and are working out quite well in my class's blacklight puppet show. Kathy H.

I am so pleased with my puppets that I ordered from you!  The quality, price, professionalism and time of delivery were all beyond my expectations.  The puppets are terrific!  My daughter and her friends had such a wonderful time putting on a puppet show at her birthday party.  Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Katherine O

Oh me, oh my...I can not believe how wonderful these puppets are.  They just arrived at my office...a law office, no less...and they seem to have already come to life...I can't wait to get started with our puppet show.......Thank you, thank you...they are beyond fabulous....really.  Jeanne from New Mexico

I received my “youngsters” to day and I am absolutely thrilled.  I can’t wait to take them to work with me tomorrow to show my friends.  Thank you so much for sending the puppets so quickly.  I’m sure my granddaughter will love them.  I can’t wait for her birthday to give them to her.   Thanks … I love them!   Susan D.  


Thank you very,very, much!  My order arived Friday morning timming was great..   Mary

Hi Donna!  I think the puppets arrived about as fast as the speed of your voice!!! I love them!!! They are A-DOR-able!!! Thanks so much!    Jody

I just wanted to thank you for your speedy delivery of Mooty the Cow.  It is exactly what we were looking for!  It arrived within less than 24 hours of my ordering it in great condition.  (And because we’ll be using it as a prop for a project we are working on, I got in trouble at our office’s meeting this morning for playing with it.  He was so cute…I couldn’t resist!)  
Thank you!

I know that we cannot leave feedback because I didn't go thru ebay to deal with you. But let me tell you, if this is the way you treat your customers, not only will I return to shop with you, but I will tell everybody I know about your impeccable service!! The 2 frog puppets I ordered are excellent. Much nicer than they were pictured. And the free puppet was a nice touch!! 

I am very happy to have dealt with you.  I was in a panic at first when I opened the box and saw the free puppet and couldn't see the little frog finger puppet. Til I discovered it in the mouth of the bigger frog puppet. Your humour was not lost on me. Thank you so much for your proffessional service. It is nice to deal with a company who treats their customers so well with all the stress this time of year. Many Thanks and from all of us to all of you...A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Cindy K.
Thanks so much, Donna! You have been absolutely terrific!

I received my order yesterday afternoon
I had to write and tell you how pleased I was! I couldn't help but break out into a smile when I pulled out the Circus Finger Puppets from the box.
They are adorable and of very good quality; very plush and soft and well made. I am so impressed with your wonderful service! Throwing in the extra bear, lion, and Sunny Finger puppet at no extra charge was a wonderful surprise---thank you!!!

I work in the medical field with cancer-stricken children, so to distract my patients with these puppets while they are having an MRI scan should work very nicely----thank you so very much for the great service, I sure do appreciate it!
 You folks provide top-notch customer service and I will spread the word!
Sincerely, Lillian Bailey


Just to let you know that Lampchop has arrived and thank you ever so much for the free sunny puppet (my other daughter's happy now!).

Thank you for your brilliant service and for getting Lambchop here before Christmas.

 Dear Donna,
Thank you again for your help in selecting the marvelous assortment of puppets. "Your gift is exquisite," was my my daughter’s comment. She told me that my grand-daughter opened the packages one by one and transported the entire set from room to room, as she went through the rest of her day. She went to sleep that night surrounded by the puppets.
Best regards,
helen goodfield

To the people of Puppetville.com,
I did some on-line comparison shopping and found Puppetville.com's prices reasonable, also, I liked the website.  Anyway, I received the puppets in the mail today and saw that the package was quite small for the number and size (about 12"-13" with full body) of puppets I ordered.  Upon opening the package, sure enough, all the puppets I ordered were inside:  a king, a queen, a princess, and additionally, a wizard, a knight, and even the dragon.   Yup, they all checked off on my checklist.  

The puppets were purchased for my sons upcoming Knight-themed birthday party. I did an inspection of the Folkmanis puppets, and they are incredible. I really got chills from these puppets.  The costumes are beautifully detailed and simply amazing.  Big things do come in small packages! 

I can't wait until my son's birthday to give them to him.  What a change it would be for him (us) because he's been very much into Batman, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Power Rangers, etc..

I'm pleased doing business with Puppetville.com, and I would definitley shop here again for my future puppet needs.  Thank you Puppetville!!
Larraine C   

Y'all are so wonderful there! Thanks for making sure the frogs arrived for the first day of school! Cade's 'Frog' class is going to love them. As always y'all are fabulous to work with! Thanks, again! 

Just wanted to thank you for your quick and efficient service. We got the puppet today. That was quick! You're the only store that had exactly what we needed!
A Happy Customer
Hi, I am Sheila N. and I ordered three of the kid puppets awhile back. When I got them I thought they were as cute as could be. I fell in love with them so I wanted to complete the set of eight. When I went back to your site to order the other five I couldn't find the same ones anymore. I called and your were so kind and ordered them for me. I just wanted to let you know that I received them and they are just as cute as the other three. So with that I wanted thank you so much for your help.
Again, Thanks so much. Sheila
Thanks for great service and a good product. I am very satisfied and will definitely recommend Puppetville to others.
Thank you for your caring. I received puppets today. I love them. They are so cool.
Thanks again. Cheong (Korea)
Thank you. Received the puppet today. Very Nice! Dolores Once again...thank you for your fantastic service!!! Have a great Holiday Season.
Rick T.

 I got the puppet today, and he looks great. Thank you very much for fixing him. I will keep the cards, and give them to anyone who may be interested.
Thanks again.
Donna, the white mouse arrived today--love him!  You're in my system now as a bookmark for future gifts. 
Regards, Anne .P
Dear Sir,
My cow and horse puppets arrived this morning and they lovely. My school/church kids will love them.
Thank you
SarahELizabeth Mackay -UK- (Quick Delivery)

We got the order, thanks!  They are so cute, specially the bunny that was in question.  I'm going to keep that one for myself to make me smile!  I'm going to tell all the Grandmas on my email list about your great store!
Barb McKie

Donna: Got the owls ,Thanks Bill LeBlanc

Arrived today, 9th Aug, very pleased, thank you. Ann (UK)
Hello Donna
I wanted to let you know that Leanne was thrilled with the puppet that she received for her birthday. The choice you made was terrific. The green haired fellow was odd enough for her to enjoy, yet cute enough to ensure her younger brother was not scared. That gift truly was the one thing that made her day very special. I video taped her reaction as she opened it up. Her reaction was priceless. Thanks again for your help!Steve Manning

Thank you so much - the "kids" arrived safe and sound and will be presented to the puppet class this Sunday.  This was a wonderful transaction.  I'll be back!
Rebecca Putnam

Thank you, I was just in a panic because our Vacation Bible School starts Sunday.......Thank you so much for the superb service you have given......We are not accustomed to receiving such great service.....We will surely use you again!!!!!....... Diane
Received the pirate and the unicorn this morning.  Really pleased with both.  The Y1 topic in September is Treasures and so you can imagine how much use the pirate will get straight away.  Thanks for all your help. 
Best wishes, Katherine B

 Order was received today 11/30/07. Everything looked great.




My autistic son LOVED  your puppets we got him for his birthday.. We plan on buying more !! Great product, gr8 price .. THANK YOU =) Jeff

Dear Friends,
The puppet arrived in time and in great shape. Thanks for all your help and grace. I hope the move goes well and I llok forward to doing more business with you in th future.
Thanks again!
Grace and Peace,
Bob K

We are thrilled with the quality of your products, as well as the selection.  I purchased a six pack and asked for them to be mixed up.  You did an excellent job of pleasing us.  We will be definitely ordering from you again. 
Sincerely,Sheila B

Thank you so much for your quick reply.  I received the puppet in good order and I'll enjoy using him. 
Regards, Claudia Sawyer
Just want to say a big “Thanks!”  The puppets arrived in 2 days – just like promised AND the puppets are exactly what I ordered and expected – they are great!  Everybody who was in the puppet show enjoyed them (and bonded with them too, I might add) and our puppet was big success!
Thank you for your terrific service and wonderful customer service!
 Best regards,
Janice F.


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It's nice to know there are helpful people out there. Hopefully, I'll back some day to you with something you can use.
Hello!  I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we did indeed receive the puppet in today's mail.  Your phone call was prior to our delivery, so I was willing to wait until afterwards to see if it did indeed arrive.  And, it did!  Thank you so much for following up, and we are very pleased : )  My son was the purchaser, and he is thrilled to be able to use this in a puppet ministry just begun at our church : )  When we need another puppet, we'll be sure to check you first. Thank you and blessings,
Mrs. Julie L.
Thanks so much - you have great stuff. She and I will visit your site together after the Holidays! Thanks again, Dee 
A Happy Customer
Hi, I am Sheila Norton and I ordered three of the kid puppets awhile back.
When I got them I thought they were as cute as could be. I fell in love with
them so I wanted to complete the set of eight. When I went back to your
site to order the other five I couldn't find the same ones anymore.
I called and your were so kind and ordered them for me. I just wanted
to let you know that I received them and they are just as cute as the other three.
So with that I wanted thank you so much for your help.
Agian, Thanks so much.

 Wow! I can't believe we won the puppet contest. Thanks for the great fox puppet. Cade will love it. I'm going to put it in his stocking! I'm also going to use it in my classroom. Thanks! Y'all are amazing. Happy Holidays!  Tiffany


Thanks, I’ve got them! They’re bigger than I thought they would be which is better for the show we are putting on. We will recommend you as when you convert it from dollars it is half the price. We found one of your camel puppets for £50 at the cheapest! (About $70-80!!!)
Josh Ward



I received it today - the puppets are adorable and will be perfect for our "magic" party - thanks so much!!

Thank you, Donna.
I love using your puppets for my church shows. So far I seem to be popular. My style is alot like Christian Muppets would be. Anyway, thanks a bunch. I had several stolen and I needed replacements. These are puppets I haven't had before except for the donkey and maybe the rooster. I can't remember if I ordered that one in this bunch but I appreciate the quality you provide and the speed of your delivery and communications.
 We ordered our first puppets last month and our Easter Sunrise Service was a big success. The kids had a great time and everyone loved it!  Thanks so much for all your help in getting our bible puppets here on time.  Now we are looking for some boy and girl puppets but we want them to be like the bible puppets, they look so much better than the ordinary puppets that have their mouth all the way across their head!  I think maybe the puppets like the bible puppets are called sculpted, but I don’t know for sure.  Can you tell me what puppets you have that are comparable to the bible puppets? 
 Thanks,   Lise B – Enon Baptist Church

I just received my puppets today (order # 165698) and I am so excited! I'm planning to use the puppets in my second grade class. I appreciate your low prices and your prompt service. I'm definitely going to tell my colleagues about you folks.
Thank you so much! Sincerely, DJ

Dear Puppetville, Thank you so very much  for working with me. I'm going to put it in my 4-year-old classroom. They are going to love it. I especially like the puppets. I'm so pleased.
 Sheila (a grateful customer)

Dear Donna,
Yes, my Daughter called and told me the Marrionette of Pinocchio did arrive...safely and secured well. She was overwhelmed by how beautiful it is and the fact you even included a Birthday card for my Grandson Nicholas...what a wonderful touch that is!! I will be down in Tennessee at the end of Sept...for a few days...she is anxious for me to see it. Nicholas's birthday is 9/9...we are anxious to see his reaction. Should this proove to be as well received as we believe ,I am planning on future orders.
Sincerely and gratefully yours.. Richard T
I just received the order! Am just starting to look at each one, they are so cute! Thank you for your prompt delivery.
Lisa Z 

Thank you for sending the opossum puppet quickly. It is just what I need! I am looking forward to using your services later this fall when I order items for my school libraries.
Beth K. 

Hi. Just a note to let you know that the snail puppet found it's way to my home today. It's adorable!

Hello, all my lovely little puppets arrived in great order! Thank you so very much! The puppet show will go on! I will be reading Hedgies Suprise by Jan Brett! such a lovely author/illustrator! Thank you again for ALL your help, and the kind coupon, everylittle bit helps!
Cheers, Meghan

Thanks again. Michelle
Thank you so much for your quick follow-up and for being so accommodating. Your customer service is superb. When our friends see the Parrot puppet, I know they will also want to buy for themselves. Based on my experience with you, I will be very happy to refer them to your site. -AS
Just want to say thanks verrrry much for your help in acquiring this chinchilla. I ordered it this a.m. and am sure it will be here on time. thanks again for all of your help!
Pat Schafer

Hi, Thanks for the quick delivery of your puppets. The music teacher is using them in her musical and had stands made for them. They look darling.
 Janeen Easley
Thanks so much.
The puppets are exactly what we hoped for. They are very nice and we will use them a lot in classes. The two free ones you sent with the order were really great also. I am sorry I was so worried about the shipping...sometimes things get lost here in Korea. Everything is great!
 From, Douglas, Choi

For Christmas I had got the dragon for my son he loved it won't go anywhere without it. I didn't see your dinosaur ones so it is now coming up on his birthday. Thanks for the wonderful job you do.

Thank you for the lightning fast shipping and 2 adorable puppets! They’re even better than pictured.

Thank you for sending my order out so quickly. We got the puppets in time to wrap'em up and put them under the Christmas tree for my daughter. Hannah loves them and has already asked for more for her birthday in January.
I want to thank you for your prompt delivery of my order. Finger puppets: Eagle, Owl, and Chipmunk, plus a dog and frog puppet. The finger puppets are going to be sent to my 24 year son who is working for a non-profit group called Help Argentina. After graduating from Davidson College in NC last spring he wanted to make a difference and joined this young Foundation. The Foundation is networking and fundraising to help the people of Argentina out of there economic downturn. Jon has connected in his passionate way with a Ghetto Family in Buenos Aires who come into the city to respectfully beg for food. This family is poor but not without vision, love and caring. The family have two little girls, 4 and 2 and another baby on the way. The eagle and the owl will be there gifts from us, small enough to fit in their pockets and very symbolic for me. The eagle -lifts us all up where we belong, the owl is wise, calm and observant and appears to know all. The chipmunk is busy not worrying about tomorrow or the next moment...he trusts that his needs will be met, but does plan ahead. I wanted to let you know that these puppets will be very special for two little girls. You would not be in this business if you did not know how "puppets" heal and make us laugh. They are magic and if everyone played with them the world would be Healed!
Thanks again for making such charming puppets
.....Carol Teel from Nobleboro, Maine

No worries!
They arrived today (of course, since I wrote... and are absolutely GREAT! Thanks!
 ~ Erik :o)
Thanx! I'm so very excited. I'm currently using the Golden Retriever puppet I purchased from you and he's been getting rave reviews from my 4 and 5 year olds and from other adult Sunday School teachers, whom I have also referred to your website.
Jo Anne Britt

Beautiful puppets my father will love to work with them. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.
 I found your site today, and I'm so excited about your beautiful products!!! I am a children's church director and am constantly on the look-out for new characters to add to my puppet menagerie.

I noticed that your prices are lower and I purchased that wonderful mouse and cat. I will definitly be coming back in the future.
Thankyou, Cassia Lupo
I think your site is really cool!

The puppets arrived today. They're great! Definitely worth the money! The animal puppets were a bit shorter than I expected, but it's no big deal. The community helper puppets were terrific! Very detailed in costumes & everything! Thanks so much! It's even sooner than I expected! :) I will definitely return to you if I need any more puppets in the future!
Happy Holidays! Agnes

We are already enjoying the puppets and the kids haven't even seen them yet. Merry Christmas.

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