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Sun12 - Finger Puppets

Product #:  Sun12
Brand:  Sunny Puppets
Sunny Finger puppet 12 pack.
These are 5 1/2 inch tall finger puppets.
This set is a variety pack. (Set will be a variety, there will be some duplicates.  )
The kids love these puppets.
These rest on one finger that enters through the bottom.
You can work the arms if you put them into the shirt of the puppet.
These are well made puppets by a great company.
These puppets sell for $5.00 each when sold separately.

For information only: These puppets are being reduced due to the the malfunction of the pull string vibration feature.  This feature will stop working, once it does pull the sting out and cut off, you will still have a lovely little finger puppet.    

Priced Slashed from $15.00 now just $12.00!!!

Price:  $12.00
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Price: $12.00

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