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Burrowing Owl Puppet

Product #:  2578
Brand:  Folkmanis
Burrowing Owl #2578 Hand Puppet


This unique Burrowing Owl is captured in realistic design. Its characteristic big eyes, flattened face and featherless long legs give this little owl its individuality. It is given "species of special concern" in the US and is also endangered in Canada and threatened in Mexico.  He stands 11" tall



  • Burrowing owls are found in open grassland or desert habitat, from the Canadian prairies down through much of South America.

  • Burrowing owls hunt during the day when they can be seen running around on their long legs like roadrunners.

  • Even though they are called burrowing owls, they usually move into a burrow that has been abandoned by a rodent.

  • Burrowing owls are endangered in Canada and of special concern in the western U.S. and Florida. They are threatened by poisons used for crops and by habitat destruction.

Price:  $24.99
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Price: $24.99

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