Puppets for Ministry, Fullbody rod arm puppets or gove style puppets make teaching fun for all. Gather all your characters from www.puppetville.com.
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Puppets for Ministry www.puppetville.com your source for puppets on the web. We carry a large selection of Bible Character puppets in both large 28" rod arm puppets and smaller 14" fullbody glove style.  Both styles have movable mouths 28" puppets come with one rod arm 14" puppets have finger holes for arm movement. Choose the size that's right for you and your puppetry team.

Puppets are a great resource for telling bible stories.  Select your characters and let your team teach as they entertain young and old will love the message and the show.  Using puppets is great for the little ones keeps them entertained while they are learning.  For ages 2 to 5 keep stories under 10 minutes, we have found this to be the limit for this age groups attention span.  Take a short break sing a song, let them stand and dance or jump a little and then settle them down for a new story.

Scripts are available with moral themes and are related to bible teachings.  But if you want to do complete Bible Stories you will have to create your own.  Check out our resources for more information.

Bibical Characters Small A

GL3601Set - Bibical Characters  Small A

Your price: $115.00

Biblical Character Small A ( Individual)

GL3601IND - Biblical Character Small A ( Individual)

Your price: $29.50

Biblical Characters Small B

GL3605IND - Biblical Characters Small B

Your price: $29.50

Biblical Characters Small C

GL3609IND - Biblical Characters Small C

Your price: $29.50

A Bible Puppet

GL1910 - A Bible Puppet

Your price: $23.99

A Bible Puppet

GL1910 - A Bible Puppet

Your price: $23.99

Christian Kid Puppets #1 Individuals

GS4503IND - Christian Kid Puppets #1 Individuals

Your price: $49.99

Desert Nomads Assortment

GL1814-Set - Desert  Nomads Assortment

Your price: $73.50

Caucasian Family Individuals

CF IND - Caucasian Family Individuals

Your price: $23.99

Hispanic Family Individuals

GL1576 IND - Hispanic Family Individuals

Your price: $23.99

Ethnic Family

1203 - Ethnic Family

Your price: $23.99

Ethnic Family Set

1203Set - Ethnic Family Set

Your price: $94.00

Young People Hand Puppets

YP IND - Young People Hand Puppets

Your price: $23.99

Angel Glove Puppet

GL1651 - Angel  Glove Puppet

Your price: $23.99

Devil Glove Puppet

GL3613 - Devil Glove Puppet

Your price: $25.95


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