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Puppetville is the perfect place to learn how to make your puppet come to life.

Follow these step by step instructions and you to can be a puppeteer.

Simple Puppets:

Step #1
Pick a puppet let's start easy I would suggest you pick a white mouse, small monkey, skunk, or brown mouse. These are very easy to operate and only take one hand and the use of three fingers.
Step #2
Once you have your puppet you must get your fingers working. Place your thumb into one front paw, place your pinky or small finger into the other front paw. Most importantly use your pointer finger in the lower jaw of the mouth. you do not have to but can put a finger into the upper part of the mouth. I would suggest you do not at first. just use the three finger approach.
Once your fingers are in position slowly move the paws up to the mouth area and rub. This will make the puppet look like it is cleaning itself. The finger in the lower jaw is enough to make the puppet appear to talk move your finger up and down. slow movements are best at the beginning. Now you have a working puppet craddle it in your opposite arm and watch the reactions. If you have selected the skunk people will want to pet it this puppet should be rested along your opposite arm. If you can reach it's tail with you other arm you can really bring him to life with a flip of the tail. ( This will worry you audience LOL.)
These are the easiest puppets to bring to life, so have fun with them.

Level 2 Puppets

These puppets include 14" Glove style people puppet, Larger animals(basically any animal puppet that will take two hands to get lifelike movement).

Step #1
Same as before pick your puppet.
Step #2
OK now this might be a bit confusing but stay with me. If you have selected a glove style puppet, at first you will only be able to make the puppet talk or listen. This puppet you use you thumb in the lower jaw and your other four fingers in the upper jaw, you open and close the mouth one time per word only. Do not do more or you will loose the look of the puppet telling the story and talking. Once you have mastered this we will move onto adding arm movement.
Puppet in listening mode, put your thumb in the one arm and your small finger into the other arm now place your other three fingers into the head area. Now you are ready to be a listener the puppet can clap and nod it's head.
This is the easiest position for arm movement.
Step #3
You are now an expert with this puppet. Place your thumb in one arm small finger in other arm pointer finger in lower jaw, other two fingers in upper jaw. Now you can make the puppet talk clap or nod. This takes a lot of practice and is not easy so don't get fustrated. With practice you will find you cordination to make this puppet fully funtional.

Now back to Step #2 for animals.

Step #2 Animal Puppets
If you have selected an anmial puppet, lets use the large sheep dog as one example. Place your hand inside the puppet move up to the mouth place your thumb in the lower jaw and your four fingers into the upper jaw, open and close to move this puppets mouth. This puppet looks great on a lap sit him up with his belly up this way no one will see your arm entering the puppet. This puppet has a great ability to bite and lick. He loves to clean himself so with slow movements run his head down one of his legs this will look like he is cleaning himself. Bring his head back up with mouth open make a gentle nod he will appear to be panting. With a quicker motion pretend he is chasing a flea and bite hard at his leg quick movements to make him look excited. If you are confused give me a call I will talk you through it. 336-835-4344. Also check out the video under the product nice example of movements. 


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