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Cassie the Ugly Fuzzy Caterpillar

Narrator: Cassie while crawling through a green meadow runs into Freddy the Frog.

Cassie: Hello I'm Cassie the caterpillar.

Freddy: Hello I'm Freddy the frog.

Cassie: I wish I was as green as you, you match the grass.

Freddy: Oh Cassie, you can't be green like me. Your just a ugly fuzzy caterpillar. Oh look here comes Dawn the Dragonfly.

Cassie: Hello Dawn, I wish I could be blue like you. And how nice it would be to fly in the sky like you.

Dawn: Oh Cassie, you can't fly high in the sky like me. For you see Cassie your just a plain ugly fuzzy caterpillar.

Cassie: Who goes there?

Cally: Well hello there Cassie I'm Cally the Chamelion. I can change colors, I do this so I can
hide and stay safe.

Cassie: I wish I could change
colors like you Cally. I would like to
hide by changing colors.

Cally: Oh Cassie, you can't change
colors like me, your just a ugly fuzzy caterpillar.

Narrator: Cassie is so upset, she crawles away makes a blanket and curls up and sleeps.
Cassie sleeps for a long long time. She dreams of all the wonders she has seen. The beautiful colors of all her new friends. When she wakes up she finds a great surprise.

Cassie: I have slept a long time. I need to stretch, Oh my what is this? I have wings, oh my colors I am a Butterfly. Look at me I can fly like you Dawn. Hello Freddy, you look so little from up here,I can hardly see you in that grass. Hey Cally I changed colors like you, look at me I'm a butterfly.

Narrator: Cassie is so happy she can fly high in the sky and she is now a beautiful butterfly.

Moral: Never stop dreaming, If you can dream it, someday you might just get your wish.

Finding the Little Mermaid


Now sit back as we take you on a journey
through the wonderous outdoors.

The seas are calm and the boat glides along, everyone
is watching the water on the right as school of Dolphin
swim by. They leap and splash the water with their tails.
Their squeaks sound of fun times. Off to the left of the boat other
passengers yell, we see a Shark. Be careful not to close you don't
want to fall in. Dolphins and Sharks are not preditors they really have
no use for each other.

As we lay anchor everyone is so excited, it's time for
some snorkeling. Wow! there goes a Sea Turtle, boy is
he big. On the ocean floor if you look really close
we might catch a glimpse of a Stringray. They like to
stay on the bottom to use the sand as camouflage,
to ward off preditors.

The ocean is an amazing place. Crabs swimming around and look do you
see that Seahorse hanging on to the seaweed. All these
creatures living in harmony in the deep blue sea.

If you slip quietly away from the crowd we might just
catch a glimpse of the Little Mermaid sunning herself
on one of the rocks. She is holding a Hermit Crab and
it looks like they talking. Oh no!! she has seen us and
under the water she goes. You know she can swim
as fast as a Dolphin?

The warm waters of the carribean are not homes to the
Puffin and Penguin. They share the northern waters
with the Polar bear and Sea Otters and Seals. And
if you have a fish at home, most likely its
a Gold Fish, he comes from the warm
of the carribean.

Now back in the boat the snokelers
talk of their sightings. Everyone saw the Turtles and the Dolphin,
but only you and I saw the Little Mermaid. What a Treat!
Your story is laughed off as make believe but
you and I know what we did see.

What other wonders might we see
if we keep our eyes on the sea?
By Pat Marley

North Carolina
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