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Folkmanis Yellow Labrador Puppy Hand Puppet

Product #:  2833
Brand:  Folkmanis
This puppy has the power to win over any heart. Folkmanis YELLOW LAB PUPPY is poised in a relaxed position perfect for snuggling. It has a movable mouth and front paws. Silky soft fur is combined with suede-like fabrics to create an adorable companion that is sure to be loved for a lifetime. At 17-inches long, the Yellow Lab Puppy is the perfect size for all ages. Movable mouth and front paws. FACTS OF INTEREST: Labrador Retrievers are not only the most popular dog in the United States, but in the world. They make ideal pets, rescue dogs, guide dogs, and work dogs. Labs come in three colors: chocolate, black, and yellow. Puppies of different colors can occur in the same litter. Yellow labs vary from white to gold to copper. Yellow lab puppies have black noses, which often turn pinkish as they get older. Lab puppies are very energetic until they mature and receive training. They love to dig, play with other animals like cats, and swim.
Price:  $34.19
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Price: $34.19

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