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Beyond Words2 Book/CD

Product #:  CMS-29
Description:  Beyond Words 2 This is a follow up to the six original Beyond Words plays. Puppets pantomime the action in these scripts, their movement timed to the music and sound effects Audiences of various cultures or multiple languages can receive the same message without time-consuming translations. The book contains detailed descriptions of the actions along with photos, excellent artwork for you to make your own props, and a step-by-step guide of how to perform each play. The plays in this book are four to six minutes long and are recorded on CD which comes with the book. Each play lists with it a theme, moral, scripture, puppets and props needed. Titles are: Plug into the Power (audio) Bus Stop Samaritan (audio) The Pearl of Great Price (audio) Sharper Than Any Sword (audio) Good Seed, Bad Seed (audio) Love Your Enemies (audio)
Price:  $18.99
   Beyond words 2
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Price: $18.99

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