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Puppets In Action Vol #1

Product #:  PIA-01A
Description:  Puppets In Action Vol 1
Six scripts using a variety of characters to teach Biblical concepts. Each script uses two to six characters and is four to ten minutes in length. Pre-recorded skits on CD, with printed scripts included.
Titles are:
Under Construction
*2 Men
*What Christians Are Made Of
Are You Colorblind?
*1 Boy, 1 Woman
*The Conscience
Man-on-the-Go Interview
*5 Men, 3 Women
The Light of the World
*1 Boy, 1 Girl
The Interstellar Communication Device
*Male and Female Aliens, 1 man
His Hands
*Several "hand" puppets
*We should be available for God to use
Price:  $18.99
PIA Vol 1

Price: $18.99

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