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Diamonds From Proverbs (Book and CD)

Product #:  BK613
Description:  Goldie is a rock hound. She sniffs out rocks, but not just any rocks-diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, you know. But in Goldie's travels around the world exploring diamond mines, she discovers a treasure more valuable than diamonds, more precious than rubies. She discovers the Bible. Goldie wants to share nuggets from Proverbs with your class. She wants to help you develop 24 "character" gold in your students.
Diamonds in Proverbs Puppet Skit book has 14 puppet skits which cover subjects such as: Digging in Proverbs, honoring parents; making right choices; choosing the right way; being diligent; God’s Word shows you how to live; knowing and doing the right thing is more valuable than rubies.
Her character building puppet skits and southern belle flair will make her a favorite in your class.
Puppet sold separately.
Price:  $18.99
   Diamonds from Proverbs
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Price: $18.99

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