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Manny y El espiritu Santo

Product #:  MHS-20sp
Brand:  One Way street
SKU: MHS-20sp
Nine 2-4 minute monologues in Spanish, featuring a young boy named Emmanuel. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Manny learns to display the fruit of the Spirit in his daily life.

Prerecorded skits in Spanish on CD, with printed scripts in Spanish and English included. Written by Randy Calhoun.

Titles are:

  • Querer a Mi Hermana? ( Love to my Sister)
  • Con Alegria en la Oficina del Direct (With joy at the Office)
  • Elegir la Paz ( Choose Peace)
  • Ya Me Quiero Mojar! (Now I want to get Wet)
  • Crueldad Entre Humanos (Cruelty among human)
  • Es Divertido Ser Malo (It's Fun Being Bad)
  • Amigos de Verdad (Friends of Truth)
  • Palabras Ambles Valen (Friendly Words Worth)
  • Fuera de Control! (Out of Control)
Price:  $18.99
Manny / Spanish

Price: $18.99

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