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Folkmanis Airedale Terrier puppet

Product #:  2993
Brand:  Folkmanis
Folkmanis Airedale Terrier puppet #2993
Known as the "King of Terriers" the new Airedale Terrier puppet is ranked with high marks for realism. Hard to distinguish from the genuine thing, this puppet features the signature markings of the breed: wiry looking yet soft fur with black saddle and tan head, ears and legs as well as a black nose and dark, soulful eyes. Cradle this cuddly canine in your arms to work his mouth while your other hand wiggles his playful tail. This puppy dog is waiting to follow you home!
20" LONG 17" TALL 6" WIDE
2014 CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS Puppet of the Year
2014 PARENTS' CHOICE Silver Award
Price:  $45.99

Price: $45.99

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