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Puppetville for your puppet party. We will help you plan the activities. From making puppets to putting on a puppet show. Let the kids entertain after creating their hand puppet, or marionette. These puppets are made with pompoms to creat the marionette or felt for the hand puppets. All is supplied except the glue.
We will supply the party favors choose from finger puppets or marionettes.
Each party is unique: 1. Circus 2. Jungle 3. Cowboy (Ranch) 4. Butterfly You choose your party theme and we will make your party supplies happen. From the gift bags to your creative activity. And a stage to perform for the kids. Let us plan your next puppet party.
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Jungle parties for 4 years of age or older.
Step #1 You have your theme "Jungle",
Step #2 Paper supplies are easy. Your local party store has tons for this theme.
Step #3 Order your cake. Most bakeries have a great jungle theme or just pick one animal and make it a big elephant cake or a giraffe cake.
Step #4 Now the party favors. At this age I would suggest hand puppets: These kids love them and you can see them on the web site under Big Mouth Puppets. A) Giraffe B) Alligator C) Monkey D) Lion E) Rhino F) Hippo
Step #5 You will also need some prizes for games like pin the tail on the elephant. This game would also be available at the party store. Consider our jungle finger puppets for your prizes. The set includes elephant, giraffe, lion, zebra, kaola bear.
Step #6 The video Madagascar is out and this would be a great entertainment. If you think they are old enough to sit still that long.
Step #7 Add Jungle masks to the goodie bags. These could also be used for a fun game of hide and seek.
Step #8 Open presents
Step #9 Cake and Ice Cream
Step #10 Weather permitting send them outside. If you can have a bounce they would love it. Great for this age.
Step #11 Gather them together sit quietly and hand out goodie bags.
Step #12 Have them pull out their puppet and make the animal noise that the animal makes. Most of these animals roar but let them use your imagination. I don't know what a Giraffe sounds like ... do you?
Step#13 Hugs and Kisses at the door.
The Hand Puppets are $7.95 each and we can bag them for you and put some candy in the bags as your favors. Total price per bag $9.25.  Butterfly finger puppets are $3.50 each in a party bag with some candy $4.25.  Jungle Masks are $2.00 each styles vary in a party bag with some candy $3.50. Need a bunch call us larger quanities over 25 party bags wil recieve a discount depending on which puppets are selected.
If I can help with anything else give me a call 336-835-4344.

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