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Welcome to Puppetville Where all types of puppets live: hand puppets, finger puppets, bath puppets, puppets ministry, wooden marionettes and hand crafted marionettes from Prague. We carry Hundreds of delightful hand puppets, finger puppets and marionettes feed the imagination with a puppet from Puppetville.

Puppets and marionettes are great for teaching both at home and in the church. These puppets will open up a whole new world to your child with an endless imagination. Don't direct them give them the tools to create and watch there imagination soar.

With most puppets, marionettes in stock, finding your perfect puppet should be easy. 
Looking for the royal court, Kings, Queens, Prince,
and Princesses we have them. 
Or maybe the wild kingdom, lions, tigers, and bears there here too.

From large to small puppets for evey hand size, We Carry Them All!

Ready to support your vast imagination with our delightful product line of puppets,
marionettes, puppet theaters, free puppet skits and puppet display racks.
Hand puppets by the Hundreds so come on in and browse our pages
for the puppets, marionettes, puppet theaters you are looking for.

Even if you don't see what you need I will personally help you find
the exact puppet you want.  
E-mail us and let us know what your needs are.
Chances are we will find the perfect puppets for you.

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